WPS has supported direct opening of Chinese self-developed OFD format documents

National Standard Layout Document Format OFD is the English abbreviation of Open Fixed-layout Document, and is an electronic file format independently developed by China.

Layout documents are different from commonly used streaming documents (such as doc, docx documents). It has the advantages of fixed layout and no running version, can be consistent when displayed on different devices, and is suitable for serious and formal scenarios, such as invoices, official letters, and business contracts. Compared with the current mainstream PDF format, the OFD format is characterized by a format file format standard independently developed and formulated by China, and it is a format established by the China Electronics Standardization Institute led by the Software Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. National standards developed by the writing team.

Its advantages are mainly:

Consistent presentation: permanent readable and usable, long-term preservation of files, and accurate presentation, so that the layout content of the file can be consistent in different scenes and devices

Not easy to tamper with: support domestic encryption algorithms, have a comprehensive security system to prevent information from being stolen, and combine with digital signature technology to make it more secure

Easy to expand: Extensible markup language XML is used inside the document to describe data and structure, compact in size, safe and open

Smaller size: The number of bytes is much smaller than that of other types of documents, which means that the document opens and writes faster, and the runtime calculation is smaller, and it takes up less resources

Which versions of WPS support OFD? The currently supported WPS versions are as follows:

WPS 2021 Annual Update (Windows version)

WPS Office for Android (version 13.4 and above)

WPS Office iOS version (11.4.0 version and above)

After the above version is successfully installed, you can directly open the OFD file.

Other operating system platforms will be supported in the future, so stay tuned.

By Ruanhui

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