For the first time in the world! The collision test of two 8-car high-speed EMUs succeeded

Recently, CRRC Changchun Passenger Corporation completed the collision test of two 8-car high-speed EMUs. This is the world’s first passive safety crash test conducted in a simulated real scene. Through this test, CRRC CSC has effectively collected important data of the train energy absorption system, and successfully verified the safety and effectiveness of the self-developed high-speed EMU collision energy absorption system, marking that the passive safety technology research of China’s railway passenger cars has reached the world’s leading level. .


Two trains weighing 462 tons collided with each other and made a huge noise. According to the test data collected on site, the energy-absorbing structure of the train was crushed in a controllable manner. The test data of each energy-absorbing device accorded with the set value, and the vehicle did not climb. The car and the derailment phenomenon, the car body structure remains intact, meets and exceeds the European and Chinese industry standards, and the test is a complete success.

It is reported that for the success of this time, the CRRC Chang passenger scientific research team spent 6 years successfully conducting collision tests on a single train, 3 sets, and 5 sets of high-speed EMUs, and accumulated a wealth of collision data through a large number of tests.

In the next step, CRRC Changchun will continue to carry out research and development and testing of high-level collision energy absorption systems and lightweight energy absorption structures, explore the frontier fields of technology, and escort safe operations.


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