From 21:00 on February 10th to 24:00 on 17th, the winners of the Beijing Digital RMB red envelope can spend at designated merchants in the Wangfujing business district or in the JD App area. On the afternoon of the 12th, as one of the “lucky ones” who won the lottery, the reporter came to Wangfujing to experience digital RMB offline consumption.

In the Winter Olympics licensed merchandise sales area on the first floor of Wangfujing Gongmei Building, the reporter bought a product with a price of more than 400 yuan. Through the previously downloaded digital renminbi App, the reporter showed the QR code to the merchant, scanned the QR code with the gun, and completed the payment with the 200 yuan digital renminbi red envelope. Subsequently, the reporter paid the remaining money in cash.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, Beijing launched the “Digital Wangfujing Ice and Snow Shopping Festival” digital renminbi red envelope pilot activity, and distributed 50,000 digital renminbi red envelopes in the form of “lottery lottery” to individuals in Beijing, each with a value of 200 yuan. The event attracted 2.52 million people to participate in the lottery, which shows people’s enthusiasm for digital RMB.

It is worth mentioning that in this event, financial institutions such as Bank of China and China Postal Savings Bank launched a new exploration-digital RMB visual card “hard wallet”.

On the afternoon of the 12th, Chen Yuejin, a citizen of Beijing who was over 60 years old, walked into Wangfujing Wuyutai Tea House. He took out a card and scanned it on the “Healthbao” equipment in the shop to complete the health status inquiry and registration. Then, he used the card to pay for the purchased goods, and the ink screen window on the card immediately displayed the transaction amount and balance.

“With this card, it is much more convenient to enter and exit public places, and you can pay with just one touch. It is especially suitable for the elderly who have difficulty using smartphones.” Chen Yuejin told reporters that this special card is invited It is a digital renminbi passive visual card handled in China Postal Savings Bank.

According to the staff of Postal Savings Bank of China, the digital renminbi passive visual card “hard wallet” is still in the stage of being invited to handle the experience, and it will be given priority to the elderly in Dongcheng District who have anti-epidemic deeds.

Two-way exchange of digital renminbi and cash

The reporter saw at the Xindongan branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China on Wangfujing Street that many ATMs were affixed with a red “digital RMB” logo. Staff of the bank told reporters that these ATMs have all launched digital RMB deposit and withdrawal functions.

The reporter saw that the ATM machine can choose to exchange digital renminbi into cash, scan the QR code on the ATM screen through the ICBC Mobile Banking App and enter the cash withdrawal amount to withdraw the cash. Of course, in addition to cash withdrawal, ATM machines can also deposit cash into digital RMB wallets, which makes two-way exchange more convenient.

A staff member of ICBC’s Xindong’an branch introduced that bank ATM machines provide two-way exchange of digital renminbi and cash, which is in line with common people’s habits and can promote digital renminbi further into people’s lives.

The digital renminbi needs to be promoted by all parties in the circulation process. In the pilot activities in many places, we can see that six banks from industry, agriculture, China, China Construction, Communications, and Postal Savings have participated deeply.

However, the use of digital renminbi red envelopes does not need to be bound to any bank card, even if there is no bank account, you can pay through digital renminbi, which greatly enhances the inclusiveness of financial services.

The Winter Olympics theme has distinctive features and the effect of stimulating consumption can be expected

The theme of the Winter Olympics is a major feature of this Beijing digital RMB red envelope pilot activity. Digital renminbi red envelopes can be used in the Winter Olympics franchise area of Wangfujing Gongmei Building, the “Ice Paradise” in Wangfu Central, the Tiantan Sports Center and a series of sports brand stores.

Experts said that the digital renminbi red envelope embodies the function of “smart contract”, which stipulates the group, scene and time of the red envelope use, making it more accurate and effective to stimulate consumption. During the holiday season, the effect of digital renminbi in stimulating consumption can be expected.

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