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The first C919 China-made large aircraft to be delivered completed its maiden flight
COMAC announced that at 6:52 on May 14th, the C919 aircraft numbered B-001J took off from the fourth runway of Pudong Airport and landed safely at 9:54, marking that COMAC was about to deliver the first aircraft The first flight test of the user's first C919 large aircraft was successfully completed. COMAC said that during the 3-hour, 2-minute flight, the test pilots coordinated with the flight test engineers to complete the scheduled tasks, and the aircraft was in good condition and performance. At present, the preparations for the test flight and delivery of the C919 large aircraft are progressing in an orderly manner. According to the data, the C919 aircraft is my country's first single-aisle large trunk passenger aircraft developed in accordance with international advanced airworthiness standards, and has my country's complete independent intellectual property rights. The maximum range is more than 5,500 kilometers, and its performance is comparable to that of the new generation of mainstream single-aisle passenger aircraft in the world. It successfully made its first flight on May 5, 2017. According to…
China’s first cascade water-photovoltaic-storage hybrid power station is connected to the grid for power generation
According to the website of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, recently, Sichuan Chunchangba Pumped Storage Power Station, the first cascade hydro-optical storage combined power station in China, was officially connected to the grid for power generation, marking the first variable-speed constant-frequency pumped-storage unit in China to achieve full power operation. Sichuan Chunchangba Pumped Storage Power Station is located in the Chunchangba Hydropower Station which has been put into operation. It uses the existing Chunchangba Reservoir and its water diversion system in the upstream and the existing Sanguanqiao Reservoir in the downstream to build a new pumped storage power station, and installs a variable speed constant frequency reversible pumped storage power station. Pumped-storage generator set. According to reports, the smooth commissioning of Sichuan Chunchangba pumped-storage power station marks that the first variable-speed constant-frequency pumped-storage unit adopted by the power station has achieved full-power operation, and has overcome the optimal configuration and connection of the capacity of my country's cascade water-photovoltaic-storage complementary power stations. The world's technical problems, supporting the development of the world's first…
China’s first digital renminbi financially allocated funds business landed in Wenchang, Hainan
According to news on May 3, 2022, recently, the country's first digital RMB financially allocated funds business was launched in Wenchang, Hainan. It is understood that this is another breakthrough in the field of digital renminbi after Hainan took the lead in completing the first digital renminbi tax payment contract business in the country last year.   Bank of Communications Wenchang Sub-branch cooperated with the guidance and assisted Wenchang Meteorological Bureau to open a digital RMB public wallet. With the concerted efforts of all units, 1 million yuan of financially allocated funds was successfully allocated from the national treasury to the Wenchang Meteorological Bureau's digital RMB-to-public wallet, realizing the whole process from the financial issuance of the payment order to the direct payment of the treasury and treasury funds of the People's Bank of China Automatic processing. The landing of this business will effectively help the promotion of digital renminbi. The relevant person in charge of the Wenchang Meteorological Bureau said: "Although there are more and more usage scenarios for digital renminbi in Hainan, we…