On the evening of February 8, 2021, China’s first quantum computer operating system-“Essence Sinan” was officially released in Hefei. The system is independently developed by Hefei Benyuan Quantum Computing Technology Co., Ltd. The main features include: parallel execution of multiple quantum computing tasks, automatic calibration of qubits, unified management of quantum computing resources, etc.

Origin Quantum stated that the system completely surpasses existing foreign products and can increase the operating efficiency of existing quantum computer systems several times. In the future, it will support the implementation of domestic quantum computers.

It is understood that the quantum image recognition application developed by the Quanyuan Quantum R&D team using the quantum convolutional neural network model can transform the image recognition task into multiple quantum circuits. After the quantum state data is encoded, these quantum circuits are waiting to be run. status.

Through the unified scheduling and management of “Essence Sinan”, these quantum circuits can be executed in parallel on a single quantum chip, which not only greatly reduces the overall circuit running time, but also effectively improves the overall utilization of the quantum chip, making the current limited quantum computing resources Get the maximum use.

It is reported that in the next step, the Quanyuan Quantum team will build a complete and open quantum computing service ecosystem based on the Quanyuan Quantum Computer Cluster with completely independent intellectual property rights, the Quanyuan Sinan quantum computer operating system, the Quanyuan Quantum Cloud platform, and a wealth of quantum software and applications. Realize the wide application of quantum computing applications together with enterprises in the quantum computing industry chain.

The following is an official picture to understand:

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